Most people are uncomfortable with this topic as it brings to mind the inevitability of death and this is not on the list of our favorite things to do. 

However, here are seven reasons why you should give writing your own will a thought.

  • The  satisfaction of having settled one’s  affairs before  death. 
  • The opportunity to bequeath precious items/belongings on loved ones and dependants including non-family members. 
  • The benefit of appointing  trusted people  as executors. These are  people who will ensure that one’s wishes are respected. 
  • Where there are infants left behind, one is able to appoint for them a guardian 
  • Privilege of deciding what to do with items that have sentimental value. 
  • Opportunity to give funeral directives, although funeral directives should be included in a separate document
  • Saves time and reduces friction among beneficiaries

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